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Being hurt in a Utah car accident is complicated enough, but it is even more complicated when you have a commercial driver involved. UBER, LYFT, UTE Cab, City Cab, Yellow Cab will all have commercial policies of insurance which are different than regular consumer policies of insurance.

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FIRST, get appropriate medical care. Call the police and get the ambulance there if your injuries warrant it. You did not choose to gamble on your health when you took a ride with the taxi cab. Don’t succumb to pressure not to call the police or seek medical care because the driver will lose his job. Your health is much more important.


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Follow-up with your primary care doctor and seek his professional medical opinion on the injuries caused by the Utah taxi cab accident and see what his recommendations are for physical therapy or chiropractic care.

If able to, take a quick picture of the license plate of the taxi cab that you are in. Car accidents cause taxi cab drivers to often lose their jobs, so they have much more incentive to leave the scene of the collision.


SECOND, after you are back on your feet and medically stable, call an experienced personal injury attorney to help you communicate with your insurance company and the at-fault insurance carrier. Every time you call your own insurance company to set up a claim, those calls are recorded and can be used against you in any future underinsured coverage situation. Your calls to the at-fault insurance carrier will certainly be taken into consideration against you in any future personal injury claims.

Let your retained Utah personal injury attorney interact with the insurance companies and place a letter of representation in on your behalf. Your job at the moment should be focused on getting better, not dealing with the insurance companies directly. Let your personal injury attorney do that.


THIRD, have your Utah personal injury attorney obtain the commercial policy of insurance information insuring the Utah taxi cab that you were hurt in. Normally, commercial insurance policies will be covering taxi cabs which are much larger and have different provisions for carrying the public around.

Your Utah personal injury attorney handling your taxi cab accident should also obtain the car insurance information covering your own vehicle, regardless of whether you were from out-of-state, or just local. Most likely you do own cars that have insurance policies covering them that can help you.   Additionally, your personal injury attorney helping you with the taxi cab car wreck will gather the insurance provisions of the car that hit the taxi cab and was at-fault.

In all, there can be three different insurance policies that your Utah personal injury attorney will need to gather concerning your Utah taxi cab accident. To recap, (1). The policy insuring the taxi cab that you were in when the taxi accident occurred. (2). The policy insuring the car that hit your taxi cab. (3). The policy of insurance covering your personal vehicle.

In addition to just obtaining the limits information, your attorney will gather the actual policy language itself, the declarations page, any supplement changes. Often your Utah personal injury attorney can save time by requesting that one of the insurance companies send them all the pictures, police report and collision repair records associated with Utah taxi cab car accident.


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Hiring Utah personal injury attorney Jake Gunter will short-cut the process of having to personally gather all the insurance information or police reports. Our personal injury attorneys at Howard Lewis & Petersen, PC will immediately start gathering the police reports from each responding agency. Further, there can be dash cam video, 911 calls, various collision auto repair records, police report witness statements, and pictures of the taxi cab accident scene. Hiring a Utah taxi cab accident lawyer will alleviate these concerns and allow you to recover.

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When you are hurt in a Utah taxi cab car accident, the medical bills will start to pile up immediately. How are you going to pay these car accident medical bills? Who is going to ultimately pay them? If there is more than one insurance available, what is the priority of paying this medical bills associated with the tax cab car accident?

There is the general order that your medical bills get paid from a Utah taxi cab car accident. See this deep article here on what order your medical bills are generally paid when you are in a Utah taxi cab car wreck.

(1). Utah Personal Injury Protection Benefits. Every car policy of insurance issued to cover a Utah motor vehicle in the State of Utah must have Personal Injury Protection Benefits. Often called “PIP Benefits.” There are some strange exceptions for ATVs, motorcycles, etc., but for the most part, all Utah car policies of insurance will have PIP Benefits.

If the taxi cab in which you were hurt as a passenger has a Utah car policy of insurance, your Utah taxi cab accident attorney will ask that these PIP medical pay benefits start paying the medical bills, up to the agreed policy limits. All consumer cars with Utah issued car policies must carry at least $3,000 in medical pay benefits to pay all medical bills that were caused by the car collision.

You can read these several, deep articles about PIP here. Stacking, description of all the benefits, etc.

In short, the first line of paying your medical bills when you are in a Utah taxi cab accident is the taxi cab’s mandatory car insurance. The taxi cab’s car insurance will often have medical pay benefits available to it’s passengers when taxi cab accidents occur.

(2). Your Own Car Insurance. When the taxi cab’s car insurance refuses or does not have first party medical pay benefits to help pay some of your injuries associated with the taxi cab accident, you can ask your own car insurance to start paying it’s first party medical pay benefits.

All Utah issued car policies of insurance must have Personal Injury Protection Benefits. They cannot be waived. Your own car that was parked in your driveway will become the secondary PIP medical payor for your bills associated with the tax cab accident.

In the order of first party medical pay benefits associated with a Utah taxi cab car accident, your car insurance will be secondary after the primary PIP medical carrier exhausts. Once the primary car PIP medical carrier exhausts their benefits, obtain an exhaust letter and present it to the secondary PIP medical payor.

(3). Private Health Care Insurance. When the primary PIP medical pay benefits and secondary PIP benefits are exhausted, you can ask your own private health care insurer to start paying the remainder of your medical bills. Your private health insurance company like Molina, Blue Cross, Hartford, DBMI etc. are considered the third tier payor of medical expenses related to your Utah taxi cab car accident.

(4). Lien Based Medical Care. As a last result, when you don’t have any other insurance to pay for your taxi cab car accident injuries, you can obtain lien based medical care. Lien based medical care is where the treating medical provider treats your injuries, but will not get paid until you receive a settlement. The lien based medical provider gets paid out of your taxi cab settlement proceeds.   Read about lien based medical care here.

Lien based medical care providers come in all shapes and sizes. They are often chiropractors or physical therapists, but can be nursing care or surgical care. Insurance companies hate lien based medical care because it allows the injured person to get better and also makes the insurance company pay more. The insurance company would rather see you not seek medical care so they have to pay less on your personal injury claim. Adequate and fair injury documentation makes insurance companies pay more for your personal injury claim. Insurance companies often think lien based case is a fraud, only concocted for the purpose of getting money. In reality, many injured people don’t have private health care insurance and therefore will not be able to adequately and fairly document their physical injuries—affording for inadequate compensation.

Appropriate and fair medical documentation and validation of your taxi cab injuries is most important for your health, and it secondarily ensures that the insurance company pays fair compensation. Remember, insurance companies signed up to take this risk on—NOT YOU.

(5). YOU. Ultimately, at the end of the day, regardless of whether a settlement has occurred, you are totally responsible for paying your own medical bills related to the Utah taxi cab accident.


Once you get fully better, or reach a point where you will never get better and the medicine has taken its course, your taxi cab accident attorney will file an insurance claim for your insurances.

In those situations when you don’t get fully better but the medicine at the moment will not do any more good for you, is called “Maximum Medical Improvement.” MMI is where your doctors at the particular level of medical care cannot do any more good, or make any more improvement for you.

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