Moab, Utah is an international destination for off-road and outdoor enthusiasts.  Balancing thrill seeking and being safe can be difficult.  Being hurt in a Moab ATV or Jeep rollover can cause serious injuries.  Side-by-Sides, Poloaris, or rock crawlers are extremely fun, but can severely hurt passengers when a rollover occurs.

Our ATV/Jeep/Truck and Side-by-Side injury attorneys can help with your passenger claim when you are hurt while riding in a truck that rolls over.  Call Moab personal injury attorney Jake Gunter at (801) 373-6345 for a free consultation regarding your Moab rollover accident.

INJURED IN A JEEP ROLLOVER IN MOAB?  Here are your legal options.

(1).  Seek Appropriate Medical Care.  Many off-road vehicles operating in Moab have liability insurance policies against physical injuries caused by rollovers.   Nearly all ATV/Jeep rental companies require bodily injury insurance insuring against physical injuries in the case of an all-terrain vehicle rollover.

If you are hurt in a Moab rollover accident you should seek appropriate medical care.  Many rollover incidents can cause amputation or significant broken bones by being crushed during the ATV rollover.   The ATV, Poloris or Side-by-Side that you are a passenger in rolls over, you should contact the insurance company that is insuring that all terrain Vehicle.  Many times, there are no-fault medical payments attached to the insurance policy insuring the truck or jeep that rolled over.  No-fault medical pay benefits start paying for medical care without regard for who is at-fault for the Moab rollover.   In regular cars on I-15 for example, all Utah car policies of insurance must carry at least $3,000 of Personal Injury Protection Benefits.  See this article on Utah Personal Injury Protection Benefits for a more thorough explanation of no-fault medical pay benefits.

You should hire a Utah personal injury attorney to review all applicable insurance policies that may cover your Moab rollover injuries.   Your own car insurance that covers the car in your driveway may also have insurance coverages that should be explored.

ATV Accident Lawyer

ATV, Side by Sides are fun, but can cause serious injuries when they rollover

(2).  Hire a Moab Rollover Accident Lawyer.  Being hurt in a Moab ATV or Jeep rollover may trigger multiple insurance policies that can help pay for your injuries.
The first insurance policy is the policy insuring the ATV that you were a passenger in that rolled.    This policy of insurance may be a specialty policy for ATVs or Side-by-Sides, or may be a more general street legal ATV policy.  This first policy of insurance may be from the rental company that you rented the ATV or truck from.  Or this first policy could be issued to the owner of the ATV that you were the passenger in.  This could be your friend who owned and insured the truck that rolled.

The second policy of insurance that may be possible for Moab rollovers could be your own insurance that insures the car in your driveway.  This secondary policy insurance could offer additional medical pay benefits or another liability policy of insurance to stack if your injuries exhaust the first policy insuring the rolled truck.

A Moab ATV/Jeep/Truck rollover where the passengers are hurt can be very serious.  Truck cab crush can seriously hurt the spinal cord during the rollover.    Another terrible injury is legs and arms that get caught outside the all-terrain vehicle during the rollover accident.


Utah personal injury attorney Jake Gunter offers free consultations for Moab rollover injury victims.  If you or your loved ones are hurt as passengers in a Moab rollover, call Jake Gunter for a free consultation.  Personal injury lawyer Jake Gunter offers hospital visits, SKYPE, FACETIME or other video conferencing to meet with you.

Many tourists come through Moab from out of state or out of the country.  You will always get better results when hiring a Utah licensed personal injury attorney, rather than a unlicensed attorney from your home state or country.


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