MiIllard County Car Accident LawyerThere are so many elements that go into a Millard County car collision, when to know you have a Millard County car accident case can be a tricky question to answer alone.

Believe it or not, just being in a car collision does not entitle you to an insurance claim against the at-fault driver.

Here are the three Requirements for a Millard County—Fillmore City Car Accident Case.

REQUIREMENT 1: The Other Car Was At-Fault. This means they committed an act of negligence on the road that led to the collision, your property damage and injuries. Negligence can be described as breaking the traffic code, running a red light, failure to keep a good lookout, rear-ending you, or hitting a pedestrian, etc. Knowing whether or not you meet this requirement for a Millard County Car Accident Case (at least in the eyes of insurance companies) can end up being more complicated than expected. Sometimes liability can be disputed, and witnesses can be limited. Having an experienced attorney who knows the Requirements for a Car Accident Case and the aspects of liability can help you in these frustrating situations.Fillmore City Utah Car Accident Lawyer

REQUIREMENT 2: Medical Bills or Permanent Injury. You incurred physical and emotional damages past the Utah threshold for car accident cases. Requirements for a Car Accident Case in Utah are exceeding the threshold of personal injury protection, or generally medical bills over $3,000.

REQUIREMENT 3: Caused The Injuries.  The obvious requirement for a Car Accident Case, is that the collision caused the physical injuries. You still can have a case if you had a prior injury, and those symptoms were made worse by the impact of the collision. Or maybe you were already recovering from a prior car accident and were about to be discharged from the chiropractor, when the second collision occurred. The rule is that all the damage and injuries that were caused by the second car collision is attributable to that person. All aggravation and pain of your pre-existing injuries is the second car collision’s job to pay after the date of the second collision. All prior injuries not caused by the second car collision are not their responsibility to pay for. Determining the differences between injuries can be difficult and require expert opinions in which an experienced attorney can greatly benefit you.


Millard UT Car Accident LawyerIf you believe you meet all the Requirements for a Car Accident Case, Millard County car collision awards can cover the following:

(1).  Past medical bills.   Utah car accidents cover past medical bills.

(2). Future medical bills. Including mileage incurred attending medical appointments.

(3).  Lost wages.   Time lost from work due to the injury.

(4).  Property damage.  Any property damage, like your vehicle, stereo systems, or other personal items inside the car.

(5). Replacement/Rental car.  Reasonable rental car coverage.

(6). Household services. The cost of hiring someone to do household work that you can’t do anymore.

(7). Permanent injuries.  Permanent physical disfigurement or disability;

(8). Mental injuries.  Permanent mental disability, including PTSD.

(9). General damages.  Emotional and physical pain and suffering;

(10). Future lost income.  Impairment of your ability to earn money. For example, you were a plumber, but your hands or back cannot tolerate your work anymore.


Utah car accident personal injury attorney Jake Gunter doesn’t charge an attorney fee unless you recover a settlement.

Car accident cases can be expensive, and injury attorney Jake Gunter and his law firm have the ability to hire the best expert witnesses to prove the value of your car accident injuries. Smaller firms, or solo practice injury lawyers don’t always have the financial capability to cover your case expenses until the case is settled, which can pressure you to settle earlier. Larger, high volume firms may not be willing to handle a more complicated personal injury case as they already have a high case load.

Imagine your case is worth $50,000 with a properly retained and disclosed orthopedic surgeon, but without the expert witness surgeon the insurance carrier values your case at $20,000. Orthopedic surgeons cost anywhere from $3,000 for their initial expert report on what caused your injuries. Most injured people can’t afford this cost and neither can a lot of attorneys. Your car accident injuries deserve fair and adequate compensation, often measured by testifying expert witnesses.


You cannot bring a claim for personal injury in a Utah car accident unless you meet the Requirements for a Car Accident Case, including threshold requirements.

Threshold requirements are:   (1). Death, (2). Greater than $3,000 in incurred medical bills. (4). Disfigurement or permanent physical disability, i.e., scarring, herniated discs, etc.

A car collision in Payson, UT generally has a four (4) year statute of limitations. Meaning, you must settle your case or file a lawsuit within four years after the accident. Property damage is three (3) years. Underinsured motorist claims was just lengthened to four (4) years from three (3) years. Car accidents involving government vehicle or Utah government employees working on the job at the time of the car collision have a short one year statute of limitations. If you do meet the Requirements of a Car Accident Case, you should consult with an attorney as soon as you are able.


Car accident injuries are stressful and often you can’t work and dealing with the insurance companies can be infuriating.

Here is some of the common work a Millard County, Utah car accident lawyer will do on your case.

(1). Exclusively interact with the insurance companies, insurance defense attorneys and insurance adjusters.

(2). Obtain all medical treatment records and medical billings.

(3). Obtain the police report.

(4). Help you value your case. Real Millard County, UT personal injury attorneys will have handled hundreds of car accident cases. They will have seen the values attached to particular physical and emotional injuries and will know the tendencies of certain insurance companies.

(5). Being able to oversee your car collision car from start to finish.  Because they have done that hundreds of times before.


The classic rear-end vehicle car accident collision is not the only type of motor vehicle accident where you should hire a personal injury attorney.

(1). Multiple car pileup on I-15. This generally includes several cars involved with several insurance companies, battling to see who was at-fault for your injuries. Multi-car or truck pileups are especially cases where you will need an attorney to help you.

(2). Left Hand Turn Collisions. Intersection collisions where you are hit by a person making a left hand turn.

(3). Car Accident or Motorcycle Passenger Claims. As a car passenger, you bear zero fault in the car accident, whether it was a one car rollover or an intersection car collision.

(4). Husband or Family Member is the Driver. When a loved one is the driver of the car it can be delicate in making a personal injury claim against them for the car collision. Yet, there is insurance to cover your injuries and often inter-family car accident claims can be settled out-of-court.

(5). Car v. Motorcycle. Being hit on your motorcycle can be devastating. Head injuries are notorious with motorcycle accidents, regardless of whether you were wearing a motorcycle helmet.

(6). Car v. Pedestrian. You do not have to be hit in a cross walk to be a pedestrian victim of a vehicle. Cars should not be impacting humans and whether you were in the cross walk or not is only one factor in who is ultimately at-fault and what compensation is due for your injuries.

(7). Trucking Accidents. Big rig 18 wheelers have tremendous force, and can cause serious harm when truck drivers lose control. Semi-truck accidents are unique because of the data recording devices and e-log books that all trucks are required to have.

(8). Snow Plow Accidents. Like semi-trucks, Utah snow plow vehicles are huge and can cause severe damage. Suing the government is much more tricky than usual car accidents cases. The statute of limitations for government car accidents cases is one year with tricky prefiling notifications.

(9). Bicycle Accidents. Utah County, especially around the two major universities has significant bicycle traffic. Regarding PIP insurance, car v. bicycle accidents have unique aspects that an experienced bicycle accident injury attorney can help you with. For example, PIP coverage is generally primary with the person car insurance who hit you. Then secondarily, you may be able to access your own car accident PIP coverage depending on the circumstances to help pay for another $3,000 in medical expenses.

All of these circumstances can qualify the Requirements of a Fillmore City Car Accident case, where you can benefit from an attorney. Experienced Utah Personal Injury attorney Jake Gunter can consult you on your car collision case for free at 801-373-6345 today.

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