November 01, 2019

UTAH Personal Injury Protection Insurance (“PIP”)

OVERVIEW OF PERSONAL INJURY PROTECTION BENEFITS Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) is a mandatory part of all Utah car insurance policies.  See Utah Code Ann. 31A-22-302(1).  Not every state has PIP, so you may want to check what your policy covers if you just moved to Utah. PIP is not required for motorcycles,… Continue reading

November 23, 2018

Voiding an Adjuster Interview.   Do I have to give an Adjuster Interview?

SO THE INSURANCE ADJUSTER JUST CALLED YOU, ASKING FOR A RECORDED INTERVIEW.  SHOULD I CALL HER BACK? See round one of this issue at for the inside scoop on whether you have to give an adjuster interview or not.   And why you may want to give an adjuster interview, even though… Continue reading

November 23, 2018

Can I Rescind my Utah Injury Release that I Signed?

QUESTION:    I signed a settlement release for my Utah car accident insurance claim while I was still in the hospital.  Can I now cancel the signed release? ANSWER:  Utah injury law under certain circumstances allows you to rescind an injury settlement release that you signed if it was signed within 15… Continue reading

October 20, 2018

How Much Car Insurance Should I Get?

How much car insurance should I get?  A LOT. Utah car accident law requires at least $25,000 per person, up to an aggregate of $65,000 per accident.  Regardless of how badly people are hurt or how many people are hurt. When determining how much car insurance to obtain the analysis should be… Continue reading

July 01, 2017


A Utah Car Accident Happens: Proper Car Insurance Selection. Before you even get into a car accident you should be selecting high and appropriate insurance coverages for yourself and in case you hurt someone else.  These types of insurances called liability insurance and underinsured/uninsured coverages.  Liability coverage is where you hurt someone… Continue reading