Brain injuries from Utah car accidents are terrible injuries.  The insurance carriers often question the mild traumatic brain injury because sometimes you can’t see the injury, even with a brain MRI.  So the insurance carriers are skeptical and worried about insurance fraud.   Yet mild traumatic braining injuries seriously hurt people with long last cognitive effects.  Brain injuries can really derail a person’s life for a long time.

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(1).   Seek Appropriate Medical Treatment.  The injured person should immediately go the emergency room for a proper diagnosis by a trauma doctor and obtain a head to toe medical diagnosis.  Do not try to tough it out.  A head injury will need immediate attention with immediate injury validation with the proper doctors and diagnostic radiology.  MRIs, CT scans, etc.  The worst thing you can do is not get an immediate diagnosis for your head injury, wait too long to get it diagnosed, or worse yet, get it diagnosed by the wrong type of doctor.  A chiropractic physician should screen for head injuries but is not the proper doctor to treat head injuries.  Head injuries screened by family practice doctors should be sent out tos neurosurgeons or neuropsychologist for neuropsychological testing.

(2).  Hire a Personal Injury Attorney.  After getting immediate medical help you should seek the assistance of a qualified and experienced Utah personal injury attorney.  An experienced personal injury attorney will have navigated a brain injury case several times before.  They will know who the best doctors are for head injuries.  Plus the insurance world is vast and complicated and when you have a head injury it will be even harder to understand the insurance world.  An attorney can keep your in claim moving forward.

(3).  Follow Through with Medical Treatment.  You need to follow your doctor’s advice and finish up treatment and execute your treatment plan in an orderly and timely manner.  Missing physical therapy, taking too long to get into the right medical specialists are ammunition for the insurance company.   The insurance carrier will argue that you were not really hurt, because if you were, you would never have missed treatment, or taken so long to complete treatment.
If you are hurt in a car accident or other accident where you incurred a brain injury, personal injury attorney Jake Gunter regularly helps people with head injuries.  Call Jake Gunter for a free injury consultation at (801) 373-6345.