When you are hurt in a Utah car accident, you will want the best medical care for your auto accident injuries. Oftentimes, that medical provider is a chiropractic physician. When your spine has been injured in a Utah car wreck, motorcycle accident or as a passenger, a chiropractor can be very helpful.

Here are some useful hints in finding the best chiropractor for your Utah car accidents injuries:

(1). Volume of Car Accident Cases. Does the chiropractor you chose to treat your spine and back injuries deal with a lot of car accident injuries? Choosing a chiropractor who regularly deals with acute, whiplash and other common car accident injuries will generally provide better care than the chiropractor who occasionally sees these types of injuries.

Simply put, the more car accident acute neck injuries your chiropractor treats, the better opportunity he has to get you feeling better faster.

(2). Know when to Refer Out to Other Medical Providers. A good chiropractor knows his scope of practice and does not wade into medical practice areas that are not his specialty. Chiropractic medicine generally deals with the spinal column, the discs, and associated musculature around these areas. Chiropractors do not deal with elbows, shoulders, knees or severe head injuries. A good chiropractor will diagnose and recognize the injuries that are not in their practice scope, and then refer you to the best provider to properly diagnose these injuries.

Chiropractors should not be extensively treating elbows. That is the realm of a physiatrist, orthopedic physician or a physical therapist. If your chiropractor wants to keep these types of injuries in-house and try to treat them, this is not a good sign.

Best chiropractor for car accidents

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BACK MRIs. A good chiropractor will refer out for an MRI when the medical symptoms indicate it. The later you receive an MRI that has positive radiology, the increased the chance that the insurance company representing the at-fault driver will argue that someone else intervened to cause these injuries.
The more an MRI can show acute injuries, the easier it is for your Utah personal injury attorney to connect these (reasonably so) to the car accident. Your personal injury attorney is not interested in claiming injuries that are not connected to the car accident. This is unethical. Yet, if the MRI shows a disc injury caused by the car collision, the insurance company should not get out of paying fair and adequate compensation by arguing intervening medical causes, or a lapse in time.
(3). Knows when to Push to Pain Management or Other Medical Care. An experienced chiropractor will feel confident and OK with pushing their clients to trials of physical therapy to see if that works. The same goes for pushing patients to pain management or surgical consults when their chiropractic care is not working or the results of plateaued.

Trial Lawyers

Trial Attorneys

One of the most common insurance defense arguments to not paying for the injured person’s medical bills is that they were over treated with chiropractics or physical therapy. (The Overtreatment Defense). When chiropractics have failed to continue to produce results, you can move up the physical medicine continuum, or accept that you have reached maximum medical improvement. Maximum medical improvement is where a particular medical provider has done all they can do for you.


Personal injury attorney Jake Gunter regularly works with people injured in Utah car accidents and sees the differences in medical providers.
A good chiropractic physician can really make the difference in a person’s car accident recovery, but also for obtaining fair and adequate compensation from the at-fault insurance company.

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