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April 15, 2022

What is Car Accident Mediation in Utah?

Car Accident Mediation in Utah--What is it? Car accidents insurance claims make up the bulk of most personal injury attorney’s case load.  Car accident mediation is often used to resolve litigated car accident injury cases in Utah.  In fact, before you can even get a jury trial date, the judge will often… Continue reading

April 11, 2022


UBER,  LYFT, TAXI--RIDESHARE AUTO ACCIDENTS If you were a passenger in a LYFT/UBER car accident in Utah, dealing with insurance companies can be especially challenging.  Having an experienced Utah car accident attorney in your corner can really help parse through the complicated world of car insurance and rideshare accidents. TYPES OF UBER/LYFT… Continue reading

April 11, 2022

Utah Scooter Accidents—Who is At-Fault? What Traffic Laws Apply?

Utah Scooter Accident Lawyer--Jake Gunter.   Being hit while riding your own scooter, or a ride share scooter can cause serious injuries.  Because ride share scooters or personally owned motor assisted scooters are relatively new, having a Utah scooter accident attorney who really knows what traffic code provisions apply can make all the… Continue reading